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Belgian Malinois -
Welcome to C'Villa Rowehaus Kennels

C'Villa Rowehaus Kennels have become very well known and respected as a provider of superb Belgian Malinois working dogs (and puppies) that have excellent structure and soundness.

Our Belgian Malinois possess superior bloodlines from France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. The dogs we breed excel in sport dog events!

Partners Milan Rowe Jr. and Cynthia McElroy are striving to produce the ultimate Beligian Malinois proving to be a sound worker, natural protector, yet a precise specimen of the Belgian Malinois breed.

Yes, we currently have Belgian Malinois puppies, our I and J litters are here!

C'Villa Rowehaus Kennels -
Specializing in Schutzhund and AKC Obedience

  • Personal Protection Dog / K9
  • Sentry Dog Training
  • Behavior Modification
  • Man Tracking
  • Professional Trainer's Courses
  • Conformation Handling Classes
  • Private Training Classes
  • Professional Show Dog Handling

C'Villa Rowehaus Kennls are members and supporters of Schutzhund USA.

Contact The Kennel

If you have any questions about raising or training the Malinois, or our kennel's breeding program and available puppies please contact us at:

Cynthia C. McElroy
987 Lighthouse Dr.
Corolla, NC 27927
Milan Rowe, Jr.
629 Bayles Rd.
Lillington, NC 27546
(910) 814-1100
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C'Villa Rowehause Kennel Owners

Cynthia McElroy (C'Villa)

Cynthia first met Milan at his dog obedience class in Kitty Hawk, NC in 1996. Cynthia had 2 very large, unruly Labradors and was in dire need of expertise in the field of canine control. At this time, she came in contact with D'Ardivillier Bianca Vom Rowehaus (OFA 51G) - Milan's foundation bitch from France. Cynthia fell in love with "Frenchie" and the C'Villa ~ Rowehaus partnership was formed soon thereafter.

Cynthia McElroy of C'Villa Rowehaus Belgian Malinois

Milan Rowe (Rowehaus)

In 1990, Milan acquired, through the help of judge Margaret Mickelson, a dog from the Tri-Sorts Kennel, "Luke". Without any doubt, he proved to Milan that the Malinois had all the natural instincts to surpass all others and was the breed he would pursue. After "Luke" passed away, Tim Wray helped Milan obtain a Malinois from Belgium. He declared this to be the ideal dog to which he would devote his future.

Milan Rowe of C'Villa Rowehaus Belgian Malinois

Foundation Stud Dog "Touché"

Belgian Malinois K9 from France, Belgium, Holland and Germany.Am./Can. Ch. Kid Van de Haantjeshoek, C.D.,
Sch. I, H.I.C., C.G.C., O.F.A. Good (Belgian Import). Since "Touché's" death, the "C'Villa ~ Rowehaus Kennels" name has become very well known and respected as a provider of superb working dogs that have excellent structure and soundness.

Ours are superior bloodlines from France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. Some of our other credits would be the record holder of our breed in agility, multiple herding, S.A.R., Schutzhund, French and Belgian Ring Sports, and one of the first American Street Ring dogs.

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